About 'Clean Lines'


  Clean Lines is s
immering energy...never intrusive.
  It is your


"I missed my freeway exit twice, listening to this wonderful CD."

"Quite beautiful.  In line with jazz albums I adore."

"A nice, light touch.  Incredibly clear."

 "Moves from complexity to simplicity with seamless brilliance."

"A stunning and surprising blending of jazz, classical, pop and new age, the music of Robert Elkjer also calls to mind a film soundtrack in the rich instrumentation, color and imagination. Right when you think you have narrowed down his style and can anticipate the next move, he catches you off guard with a genre twist, a textural shift or a compositional gesture that leaves you intently curious all over again. Though he draws from such influences as Keith Jarret, George Winston and Art Lande, his style hovers mostly above jazz and yet, there are entire worlds inside the nuances he hints at and alludes to with his broadly fluent musical vocabulary that one can't be quite comfortable just calling this by one name. Bravo. "

"I've been pulling out the best of my old ECM vinyl over the years; Crystal Silence, Staircase, Shift in the Wind, etc., wishing that an artist would come along who gets it....quiet, soulful music that isn't watered-down emotionally. What a joy to discover this gorgeous, sophisticated CD that dances from joy to bittersweet so seamlessly, and skillfully. I've listened to it over and over and have been rewarded with nuances, new gems embedded in those Clean Lines....Hope to hear more from this artist."

Michael Moskowitz, Mill Valley CA

Laura Legant, Providence RI

Peter Schmitz, San Francisco CA

Daniel Nichols, Sonoma CA

CD Baby

Polly Burnell, Provincetown MA

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