Robert Elkjer Teaching Links (audio to play along with)

Two-Chord Vamp


4 chord vamp

4 chord vamp1

5 beatles songs

Aebersold 2-5-1A

Aebersold 2-5-1C Only

Aebersold 2-5-1-C Only Faster

Aint Misbehavin

Bb Blues 1

Bflat Blues

BFlat Blues 2

Billies Bounce Backing

Blue Bossa-ATrain-Green Dolphin

Blue Bossa Cool

Blue Bossa Only

Bossa Nova Vamp 1

Bossa Nova Vamp 2

Colin Rhumba Bb Backup



Eb Concert 2-5-1

F blues Tootsie Backup

F minor Backup Track

Footprints Backing Track

Footprints Head

G minor Blues

GreenDolphin Miles

Hawaii 5-0.

I could Write C Major

Java Al Hirt

Jersey Bounce Head

Killer Joe

Mexican Shuffle

Nutcracker Russian Dance

Reb Rainbow Latin 3

Round Midnight D Minor

Russian Sailor Dance Rhythm Exercise

Samba Groove 1

San Francisco

Scrapple Bird

Scrapple Demo

Sentimental TJB




Something Wonderful 2

Song Sung Blue

So What Miles Solo

Spanish Flea

Straight No Chaser F

Summertime A minor

Summertime D minor

Summertime Miles

Sunrise Sunset Audio

Sweet Caroline And Cracklin Rose

TJB Tijuana Taxi

TJB A Walk In The Black Forest

TJB Bean Bag

TJB Mexican Road Race

TJB Taste Of Honey

TJB Walk Dont Run

Too Marvelous For Words 2TB

Tootsie Demo

Watermelon Man Bb

Whole New Piano Click

Work Song Nat Adderly

Yardbird Backup A Section

Yardbird Suite Backup

Yardbird Suite Backup Bridge