Our Customers Speak
Bob's charts always delight our audiences. 
His music challenges and rewards
every player. 
Check out his work.  You're going to like it!

John Monroe, Stanford Trbn 4tet, Brazzissimo

Our group recently recorded several of
Bob's quartets, as we are big fans of his music.
All six charts in his latest volume are winners,
 and 'That's A Plenty' is our new encore piece!

Dave Dahlgren, Westside Trbn 4tet (Minneapolis)

Robert Elkjer's woodwind arrangements are refreshingly innovative, creative, challenging, and excellent in every way.  Advanced students and professionals will find them extremely rewarding.  We recently read through the entire duet collection and when we finished we both looked at one another and just said "WOW".

Trevor Cramer (bassoonist), owner of Trevco Music
I have played most of (Bob's) trombone
 quartets. Anyone who has played these knows

that they are AWESOME! Well written and
great looking.

 Pat Stuckemeyer  www.patstuckemeyer.com

Thanks Bob, for writing charts that keep me
and my friends on our toes, that are fun to play,
and that audiences love to hear.

Todd Jonz,  Southwestern, Vermont

Fantastic arrangements.  Although we don't do
 many gigs, we know good music when we hear it.
Audiences love Bob's stuff interspersed with more
 classical pieces.  Good fun to play!!

David O'Flynn, England  www.davidoflynn.com

Good charts are hard to find.  Bob's stuff is
more like "real" music than anything I've run
across.  It's not a classical exercise. It's meant
to be entertaining
to all-- not just to those
who play it. 

Bill Redgate, Lawrenceville GA

Last night, our woodwind quintet played thru
3 pieces of Bob's. Wonderful! The players
were absolutely gleaming when we finished.
The writing is light, refreshing; a mix of rhythmic
and tonal colors that are different. Bob's
arrangements will be included in our repertoire,
and I know audiences will just love them.

Greg Cohill, Director, Quintessential Winds,
Wind Quintet, Springfield, IL
"When Elkjer Music announced some new woodwind quintet sheet music, I was impressed by the sound clips and told a couple of friends about these new arrangements.   Others agreed, and the 8th National Woodwind Ensemble recently performed ""Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me"" in Albany, NY.  We had fun playing it with just several rehearsals, and our audience loved it.  It added another dimension to an otherwise classical program.  We found Mr. Elkjer''s arrangements to be very playable and true to the character of the original Duke Ellington composition.  I can''t wait to gather some music-playing friends together so we can play more of Mr. Elkjer's arrangements."

Joanne Stiff, Clarinetist
I have found the trombone quartet arrangements of
Robert Elkjer to be a
virtual gold mine of music
for the aspiring trombonist. Not only are
very musical, but Mr. Elkjer has masterfully
written in four parts
what most arrangers would
need five or six parts to achieve. His style

of arranging combines great rhythmic lines in the
bass trombone over
which the other parts embellish
eachother making for musical statements

unheard of without the use of a rhythm section.
What's more, he has
written each volume of
Christmas arrangements so they are playable
without a lot of rehearsal, which is welcome
performing seasonal carols.

During the rest of the year, his jazz quartets
on the other hand challenge
you to dig in
to enjoy the sometimes intricate and
challenging concepts
he has incorporated
in his writing. Very few arrangers have the fresh

and unique approach of making a
trombone quartet lush at times and

bombastic at others, thus showing off
the uniqueness of both the
and musicians. For all this you would expect
to pay top
dollar. Not with the reasonable
prices in his volume packaging of six
arrangements in book form. You'll not find
a better value in inspiring
Gary Hammond
The Funnybones Quartet
Los Angeles, CA 
I have been a fan of Robert Elkjer's music since Joe Alessi's "Slide Area" album in the early 1990s.  His arrangements and compositions have always intriqued me, both from a musical and academic standpoint.  I have worked with Bob on four different projects and his concepts, vision, creativity, and finished products are second-to-none.  Bob is one of my favorite arrangers for brass; he understands the needs of the performers as well as the audience.  I look forward to many future charts from Bob.

Matthew Erickson
Musical director & bass trombonist
USAF Brass in Blue
USAF Heartland of America Band
Love your stuff. Our quartet plays it all the time.
Goes over great at gigs.

Jim Edwards

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