Ordering Digitally (receive PDF via email)

If you use the shopping cart on any catalog page (clicking the ORDER button)
you will receive your music via the US postal service.

If you need to receive your music digitally (a PDF via email) instead, this is
the procedure:

1. email us which titles you wish to order
2. we will email you back the cost (there is no shipping charge)
3. Paypal us that amount, to relkjer@att.net
4. we will email the music to you

NOTE:  in order to avoid accidental mass duplication of PDFs,
which can cripple or destroy a publishing company like ours,
we first require you agree to the following:

a. print ONE copy of each pdf
b. do NOT forward the email to anyone else....not even the
    members of your group
c. delete the email from your inbox AND from your trash
d. go to your Downloads folder and delete those PDFS
e. empty your trash/recycle bin
f.  send us a new email stating you have done these steps

Please keep in mind that if you can wait a few days for
a mailed copy of the music, you will receive bound music,
which looks very good, and is much harder to misplace than
individual pages printed off your home printer.